Blues Jam Session for Crescent City Monsters

 The main character of Crescent City Monsters is a blues musican so having a blues track created for the comic book seemed like a natural extension in media. Luckily for Newton, besides being a fellow comic creator, Chris is also a blues musician himself. Being a fan of Crescent City Monsters, Chris volunteered to help Newton find the right feel.

This video is an edited version of the live stream that captured this collaboration.

Chris Thayer is creator of Papa Legba's Juke Joint. Legba's Juke Joint, Book 1, is the story of Reggie "Teddy Bear" DuBois, who goes down to the crossroads in Mississippi in 1939 to make his deal with the Devil so he can be the greatest guitar player that ever lived. And, as with every deal with the devil, it's sure to end badly.


You can grab a copy here :