Crescent City Monsters

Crescent City Monsters is a graphic novel series from DREAM FURY COMICS publishing company. The story incorporates supernatural elements from different cultures. Along the way, you'll be introduced to monsters and characters that have African, European, and Native American origins. This blend is part of what makes up what we call the Creole magic of our story.

The African cultural aspects are what makes Crescent City Monsters truly stand out. There are many strong references to the realistic parts of New Orleans, Louisiana. People like Mardi Indian Chiefs and Krewes, as well as places like the Congo Square, are all major focal points of our series. The neighborhood experiences after Hurricane Katrina are also encompassed. There are many allusions to the more supernatural part of New Orleans. The Voodun loas featured in the story defy some of the typical evil stereotypes presented in mainstream media. They are also more fleshed out in detail. The zombies in the story are also a closer representation of what a Vodou zombie should be.

The story introduces us to the main character, a sorcerer named Jonas, and digs into the aftermath of what happens  when his life is taken away from him. He's a young blues musician deep seated in that New Orleans supernatural world. Someone from that supernatural world puts a bounty on his head that not only changes Jonas’ life, but also the course of the entire supernatural world. Jonas is pulled back from the dead, and is fully determined to find out why and who put the bounty on him. During his horrifying journey, he's also fighting the monsters of New Orleans.

Crescent City Monsters was created in 2017, and started out as a web comic series. After building up a following, Dream Fury Comics launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign in 2018 to fund the printing of issue one. After the first successful campaign, two more successful Kickstarters were funded for the printing of issues two and three. The series is written by DFC founder, Newton Lilavois, and fully illustrated by Filipino artist Gian Carlo Bernal.


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